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 PJ and his Mouse is about a young boy who saves a small scared mouse from the claws of a mean old alley cat. In saving the mouse PJ learns a lesson about happiness and joy. A lesson that is available to each of us every day.

In PJ and His Mouse Go to the Farm, PJ visits his cousin Julie on a farm in the country. There she and PJ's mouse rescue a cold, wet mole from an old, deep, dark well. After saving the mole, Julie learns a lesson about helping others that brings her happiness and joy!

About the Author


Lizabeth Danek is a graduate of the University of Connecticut College of Agriculture. As a child Lizabeth raised rabbits, baby chicks, ducklings, kittens, gerbils and mice. And as a young child she once saved a baby bird who was pushed out of his nest and raised the baby bird feeding it worms she gathered each morning. As the bird grew into adulthood it came back to visit Lizabeth and her family, sometimes for a snack sometimes just to say hi! Thus began her lifelong love of small animals.

Additional Books to come!

Experiencing the joy of caring for others is a universal emotion. And we look forward to sharing more stories and adventures of PJ and His Mouse! 

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